MBS154481 | KIRREL3 Peptide

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KIRREL3 Peptide | MBS154481 | MyBiosource

Product Short Name: [KIRREL3]

Product Name Synonyme: [Kin of irregular chiasm-like protein 3; Kin of IRRE-like protein 3; MRD4; KIRRE; NEPH2; PRO4502; Nephrin-like protein 2; kin of IRRE like 3 (Drosophila)]

Other Names: [kin of IRRE-like protein 3 isoform 1; Kin of IRRE-like protein 3; kin of IRRE-like protein 3; kirre like nephrin family adhesion molecule 3; Kin of irregular chiasm-like protein 3; Nephrin-like protein 2]

Product Gene Name: [KIRREL3]

Product Gene Name Synonyme: N/A

Other Gene Names: [KIRREL3; KIRREL3; MRD4; KIRRE; NEPH2; PRO4502]

Clonality: N/A

Isotype: N/A

Clone: N/A

Host: N/A

Reactivity: N/A

Specificity: N/A

Purity: N/A

Form: Liquid

Concentration: 200 ug/mL

Storage Stability: Store at -20 degree C, stable for one year.

Tested Application: Blocking (BL)

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