H2O, commonly known as water, is a chemical compound composed of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. It is the most abundant substance on Earth and is essential for the existence of life. Water is a polar inorganic molecule, meaning it has a slight positive charge on the hydrogen atoms and a slight negative charge on the oxygen atom, leading to its unique properties.

MBS405113 | D-Asparagine; H2O
MBS405138 | D-Histidine; HCl; H2O
MBS405144 | Boc-Leu-OH; H2O
MBS405164 | L-Asparagine; H2O
MBS405192 | Boc-D-Ile; 1/2 H2O
MBS405291 | Fmoc-D-Ala-OH; H2O
MBS405306 | L-Cysteine; HCl; H2O
MBS405352 | Boc-D-Leu-OH; H2O
MBS405389 | D-Cysteine; HCl; H2O
MBS405392 | Fmoc-Ala-OH; H2O
MBS405915 | Ac-Asp-Glu; H2O
MBS406223 | Bz-Gly-His-Leu; H2O
MBS406315 | (Pro-Pro-Gly)10; 9 H2O
MBS406379 | (Pro-Hyp-Gly)5; 10 H2O
MBS406391 | (Pro-Hyp-Gly)10; 20 H2O
MBS406430 | Ac-Tyr-OEt; H2O
MBS430249 | EliteTM Non-Wash ROS Activity Assay Kit (Green Fluorescence), H2O2 preferred
MBS433567 | Elite Non-Wash ROS Activity Assay Kit (Green Fluorescence), H2O2 preferred
MBS6037657 | Dynasore (3-Hydroxy-naphthalene-2-carboxylic acid (3,4-dihydroxy-benzylidene)-hydrazide. H2O)

Some key properties and characteristics of water include:

  1. Universal Solvent: Water is often referred to as the universal solvent due to its ability to dissolve a wide variety of substances, making it a crucial component in various chemical and biological processes.
  2. High Surface Tension: Water has a high surface tension, which allows certain objects to float on its surface and enables some insects to walk on water.
  3. High Specific Heat: Water has a high specific heat capacity, meaning it can absorb and retain large amounts of heat before its temperature changes, making it important for temperature regulation in both living organisms and the environment.
  4. Unique Density Anomalies: Water exhibits unique density anomalies, such as its density decreasing when it freezes, leading to the expansion of ice, which is why ice floats on water.
  5. Essential for Life: Water is essential for all known forms of life. It serves as a vital component for various biological processes, such as hydration, nutrient transportation, and temperature regulation.

The properties of water play a fundamental role in numerous aspects of both the natural world and various industrial processes, making it one of the most critical substances for the existence of life on Earth.


Synonyms :


  • water
  • aqua
  • H(2)O


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% 'H2O'


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% 'H2O'


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