MyBiosource UK & Europe Distribution

MyBiosource UK & Europe Distribution

MyBioSource ELISA kits and antibodies are distributed by Gentaur BV in all European countries. 

Gentaur distributes Mybiosource MBS polyclonal, monoclonal, and recombinant proteins and other biological reagents.

Gentaur MBS Elisa kits are used fror immunology, neuroscience, cell biology.

Biological research products, ELISA kits, antibodies, and recombinant proteins from Gentaur are provided.

Gentaur offers high-quality reagents and excellent customer service to support scientific research and discovery to Researchers in the UK and Europe. 

Your fastest supplier for Mybiosource will be Gentaur.

15th Feb 2014 Lieven Gevaert, Gentaur Bv

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